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The deadline for NFL teams to apply the franchise tag to players before free agency was Tuesday, and several stars will soon hit the market when it opens March 17.

In fact, of the 15 unrestricted free agents the Bucs signed in 2020’s offseason, the only one which was signed to a multi-year deal was Tom Brady, and he only received two years. The 14 other unrestricted free agents they signed received one-year, team-friendly deals.New England Patriots Face masks

As we covered in this space last week, there is a chance that the salary cap rises after the NFL and Disney agreed in principle to a new television rights package, and there is a chance that Amazon could soon become the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football with new FOX and CBS deals quickly following suit. However, that is far from guaranteed, and teams are beginning to prepare as if it will not.

Finney signed a two-year contract with the Seahawks but never played a down for them, as they traded him along with a 2021 seventh-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for Carlos Dunlap.Cincinnati Bengals Face masks
Football Helmet Face Masks

I would love to be back in Seattle, but I know there’s a business aspect behind it. But that organization knows I love it over there — the fans and the coaches know how much I love Seattle. But at the end of the day, I know it’s strictly business.

Eventually, quarterback Aaron Rodgers would earn his third NFL MVP award. And a week before the conference championship game, Matt LaFleur’s club rolled up 484 total yards against the league’s top-ranked defense in a 32–18 triumph over the Los Angeles Rams.Philadelphia Eagles Face masks

For Conner, signing with the Jets might depend on his other options. But an opportunity for a big role and a contract that could blow all others out of the water would be hard to turn down.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Face masks



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